How we do it

The biggest ideas get
realized by tiniest of details

The biggest ideas get realized by tiniest of details

We are fanatics about details, obsessed with flawless execution. We break down big ideas into small, pragmatic steps that create smooth transitions. We understand that each event is your most important event, so we leave nothing to chance—everything is deliberate, planned and accounted for from start to finish.

The Black Stage Process

Immersion & Exploration

We’ll immerse in your world to know your needs and your customers wants. We want authentic experiences that connect with you and your customers.

Brainstorm Sessions

Where the magic happens. High-intensity brainstorm sessions where bold ideas emerge and solutions come to life.

Breaking it Down

Execution is everything.  At this stage a carefully detailed plan is developed to make the overall production manageable and help iron out any issues that may arise along the way.  We break down event into specific activities and steps to make big ideas a manageable reality!

Event Day

Adrenalin and anticipation kicks in. All hands on deck, preparation pays off and creative flexibility flows in.