what we do

let’s touch every
one of their senses

Let’s give them something thought-provoking, sophisticated, never seen before. Let’s make them engage and experience your brand. What we do is about evoking sensations, planning, and flawless execution. Count on us for bigger than life concerts and festivals, corporate events, social gatherings and diverse multimedia experiences.

Full-Service Event Productions


We can handle the largest and most complex rigging demands. These include flying lighting, audio, automation and video systems for all stage designs. Our services include:

  • Chain Motors
  • Truss and Radius Truss
  • Rigging Hardware & Safety Equipment
  • Ground Support Solutions


We are equipped to design and engineer any custom stage system, of all sizes and requirements. Types of stages we produce include:

  • Rolling Mobile
  • Scaffold System
  • Truss System
  • Rotating System


Dynamic lighting design and equipment to up the game of any event. We bring ideas and technologies to make your vision happen.

  • Up Lighting
  • Gobo Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Spot Lighting


A world-class audio experience regardless of scope, environment, or event type. We have the latest in professional audio technology to ensure there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

  • Equipment & Technology
  • Technicians & Facilitators
  • Full-Service On-site Productions


Our LED displays deliver crystal clear, high definition images, video, and graphics. In addition, we install, operate, and can even produce the content for your show or event.

  • LED Displays
  • Installation & Production
  • Ideation and Execution
  • Graphics


We can collaborate and help articulate your message. We offer full design services and specialize in creating memorable event signage. Services include:

  • Brand development (logo, look & feel)
  • Videography & Animation
  • Photography
  • Social Media Management